A Rope Scene is Still a Scene

Being tied can lead to a variety of emotions in the rope bottom. For some it is snug and cozy, for some it is euphoric, for others it can make them feel helpless. Regardless, the act of being immobilized can understandably be stressful no matter what the person's emotional state is because in most cases the power is completely out of their hands. Even if the person says red, untying them or taking them out of a suspension takes time and there is no safe way to immediately extract them from whatever unpleasant situation they are in. So what does this mean?

Well this means there is no immediate means for them to get away from someone who wants to hit or grope them. They cannot easily walk away from being pulled into a conversation when they want to be left alone. For the most part, the rope top alone has the power to prevent these things from happening.

On the flip side of this, it is challenging for the rope top to maintain their bottom's safety while actively trying to keep other people out of their scene. We all want the rope top to be focused on doing a safe and enjoyable tie. When the rope top and / or bottombottom are inadvertently forced to interact with someone outside of the scene (whether its a friend, stranger, that weird guy that is stalking the bottom, or even the bottom's Dom/TopTop), this can cause either to feel unsafe and potentially ruin a scene. Here's an example:

Dhyana: I challenged Kat to put me into the most uncomfortable hogtie she could think of. It involved sisal and coconut rope and a few wire ties... It was a lot of fun... until a good friend thought it would be great to make it more unpleasant by giving me a few whacks with a cane without my permission. Besides interrupting the scene, she did so without realizing how much I absolutely hate being caned. This completely ruined the scene and brought me to tears.

Kat: As a rope top the above situation is something I encounter in varying degrees. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. I have had people come up to the person I am tying (almost always someone they know) and jokingly threatening to do all manner of things to them, and on a few occasions actually atempt to do something. Even when this is a friend or even a partner this can presents a very dangerous situation as now I have to divert attention away from what I am doing to a possible threat to the emotional and physical safety of my bottom while tying to not kill them myself.

The point is that even casual questions and comments can be distracting, so please save them until after the scene. Also, some people seem to have no problem walking directly thought everything as if the rope top and bottombottom are just others in a crowd.... You wouldn't (we hope) walk through a scene involving fire play or a bull whip, so don't do it here.

Lastly, we understands that sometimes a person will watch someone preform a tie and really want to know how it done or how it looks up close. Its one thing if you are in a learning environment where both the rope top and bottom have the expectation that there will be questions, but entirely different if the people involved are engaged in a scene.... even if the scene looks like the rope top and bottom are just screwing around! One of the great things about this lifestyle is that many of the rope tops out there are 100% willing to share information and teach others what they know (we both love to teach). The thing we all need to remember though is that there is a time and a place for everything so please be respectful of each other.